Ambient PRO in ear monitors

De begin 2017 geheel vernieuwde Ambient PRO in ear monitors optie laat je precies horen wat er om je heen gebeurt terwijl je niets mist van de monitormix.
Interchangeable filters let you control how much you muffle the 'ambience', allowing you to vary the focus on your monitor mix.

Één oortje uit?

On stage with an in ear on only 1 side, is perhaps the worst of two worlds. Besides listening to two different sound sources, the remaining in ear might also be much too loud to be able to overcome the noise on stage.


When using in ear monitoring, you block external (too loud ambient) sound. As a result, the overall experience as a musician could feel as incomplete, because reactions from spectators, or mutual communication on stage, can fall behind.
Ambient Pro helps these sometimes small things that matter to bring back, but at a safe noise level!


Net als bij onze Flextip in ear oordopjes is ook de Ambient Pro functie optioneel op alle CINEPAQ in ears. Deze aanvullende optie kan achteraf niet alsnog worden ingebouwd. Ambient Pro is niet mogelijk in combinatie met Flextip.

Ambient Pro
89 ex VAT
1 pair full block
1 pair of filters in a value of your choice
Ambient Pro +1
119 ex VAT
1 pair full block
2 pairs of filters in a value of your choice


These flat attenuating filters have an even damping over the entire spectrum. This also means that the bass will remain in the ear canal. Even bassists and drummers can now retain an undisturbed mix.


Filters voor Ambient PRO in ear monitors

The changeable filters are available in the following variants:

  • – Full block (the Ambient Pro channel is completely closed)
  • – 25 DB Flat
  • – 20 DB Flat
  • – 15 DB Flat

Alle filters zijn bovendien uitwisselbaar met CINEPAQ Proteq gehoorbeschermers.