• IEM-C1

    reporters, presenters, communication
  • IEM-C3

    DJ, semi-professional
  • IEM-C4

    vocalists, strings, horns, guitarists, sound engineers
  • IEM-E5

    bass players, drummers, DJs, tape acts

Racoon, Krezip, Kovacs, Within Temptation, de Staat, Delain, Memphis Maniacs

and many others on stage prefer our in ears. Get to know the custom in ears of CINEPAQ just like they do.

A good mix is indispensable for a musician. Without monitor sound, you don't hear what you're playing, or you'll lose musical interaction with fellow musicians. This is obviously easy to solve with monitor speakers on stage.
A custom made In Ear Monitor, in short IEM, protects you from the loud stage sound. Above all, a good IEM gives you proper sound definition, which makes your playing more precise, and perhaps the most important item: the volume can be turned down by a lot to save your hearing.
Yes! Generic in ears on stage will irritate in the long run, don't stay put and will not have a good seal in general.
We make everything ourselves from start to finish. Everything is done 'in house' using cool 3D equipment.

Many earphones are sold as 5-way, 6-way, 8-way and more. The crossover(ing) determines the number of "sound ranges". You won't find more than a genuine 3-way system. In ears that are wrongly sold as 3-way all the more!

Somewhere between 2 and 6 years. We cannot control physical changes. Losing weight, or gaining, sometimes even getting pregnant, but also aging, could all cause your ears/ear canal change minimally.

You'll get 3 months ' fit-guarantee'. If they don't fit well or don't seal properly we will make small adjustments on the shells.

Do you need a whole new one? No, not necessarily. The inside almost always survives from the outside. We can just make a new one on the outside and transfer the electronics. That way you don't write off the whole set, but you give them a new life!

Given that everything still works after disassembly, 290 euros excluding VAT.

A driver is a mini-speaker. A super small balanced armature.
And yes, they are the same as in all those other brands! (That's because actually only 2 companies in the world make those things...sshhh)

Sound stage means you can visually place the sounds you are hearing. The more details and the more spread the sound sounds, the more sound stage you are experiencing.
In practice, a monitor with a thorough soundstage sounds less tiring because your mix no longer closes. In this way, the definition of each individual instrument remains intact.